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The Fourth Night

"The Fourth Night"

All performance venues were closed under the unexpected waves of pandemic last year. Though we cannot stage our works in theatre, we still want to offer solace through artistic responses to everyday life under the pandemic. The Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme by The Hong Kong Arts Development Council happened to be launched. Therefore, we created “The Fourth Night” – a combination of theatre and role-playing adventure game. 

"The Fourth Night" is a role-playing adventure game (AVG) derived from a fictional COVID-19 patient. The plot consists of multiple storylines and the endings will be determined by the choices of the players. The game will be developed with Unity 3D engine and released in HTML5 web version for six months. 

The story is about a a 28-year-old actress who is a confirmed case of COVID-19  in July2020. She is forced to be quarantined at home temporarily due to shortage in bed spaces and unable to go out for work. To avoid spreading, she maintains social distance with lover and families. The longer she stays at home, the worse of her illness. She experienced ups and downs in life within few days. In this game, players can experience what happen to her in the next four days after diagnosis through role play. The development of the story depends on players’ choices at different moment. How could she face difficulties?

This project is supported by "Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme"


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